Proactive Business Solutions

Our managed IT services team can look after every aspect of your environment and ensure things run smoothly. By being proactive rather than reactive, we can save you time and money.

We have a starting cost of just $5.00 per month, per pc, meaning affordable solutions for you.

Understanding that not all businesses are the same, we have thrown out the generic packaged services. Instead, we’ve developed a personalised approach that is highly flexible, allowing you to choose specific IT components to be managed, or alternatively, you can outsource it all to us.

You also have ability to tailor the service levels in a way that works best for your business.

Full-Managed Services

Our Full-Managed Services is a support agreement that we are offering to new and existing clients. This package includes a managed anti-virus, managed patches, managed backups, remote support and limited onsite support. With packages starting at $75.00 per month, we can bundle all of your IT infrastructure repairs into one monthly cost and help you save money while also protecting your systems.
Managed Anti-virus

Our Managed Anti-virus package includes an enterprise grade antivirus solution that is actively managed by the team in store in real time. Pricing starts at $5.00 per month and is available to any Windows device.
Patch Management

Our Patch Management Service is management of all things updates. Whether that is Windows Updates, or Adobe Acrobat. We have all aspects covered. The team will also actively monitor and act on updates that have been known to cause problems, avoiding system down time on your end.
Managed Backups

Our Managed Backup service backs up your entire system, not just your files. Real-time backup reports are sent back to the team so you can be sure that your systems are protected from data loss. We also have cloud packages available for off site backups in case of disaster. 
From website design to comprehensive support, call us on 02 6721 4214.
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